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Eradication of all known
Viruses, Bacteria & Germs


-  Allergen Prevention 🦠 

-  CoronaVirus  Prevention  🦠

-  Strep,  Hep B,  HIV Prevention 🦠

-  MRSA Prevention 🦠

-  C. Dif  Spores,  Mold  &  Mildew  🦠

-  Cold  &  Flu  Viruses  (including  H1N1  &  H1N2)  🦠

-  Staph & Salmonella  🦠

-  Bloodborne  Pathogens,  Herpes,  Polio,  NoroVirus &  Ecoli  🦠

-  Animal  Pathogens  🦠 

New  Mexico’s  Most  Trusted  Sanitation,  Disinfection  &  Sterilization  Service! 



About Us

Keeping Families Healthy & Businesses Strong!

Knowledgeable Experts in Sanitation & Disinfection!

ABQ  Sanitation  takes  pride  in  the  services  provided.  As  we   clean  and prep   germ  free  zones  in  your  home,  office  &  vehicles.  Using  us  for  your  prevention needs  against all  known  &  unwanted  bacteria  and  viruses.  We  know  infection  prevention  with  the  importance  of  keeping  our  loved  ones  safe.  We  always  recommend  to  keep  up  with  your  personal  cleaning  routines, and understand  that basic  cleaning  traditions  change  every  year  and  is  becoming  inefficient to  eliminating  Germs  🦠 Bacteria  and  other  known  viruses.  

Abq  Sanitation Guarantee’s 5X’s The Sanitation, Disinfection & Sterile Coverage, With a 6-day Life Span after service. Thus recommending two visits twice monthly.

Since opening our doors, we’ve been committed to providing service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to working efficiently while keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise.

Our mission at ABQ SANITATION is simple: to provide high-quality services in a timely manner. Our team caters to each project’s specific needs to ensure excellence.



We  Use  EPA  Registered  Sanitation, Disinfection  &  Sterilization  Products  That  Are  Used  In  Our  Nano-Sprayers!

We  have  also  been  recognized  by  The New  Mexico  Health  board  since  we  established  in  January of  2016!







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Meet Our Experienced and Talented Team

Director of PR:

Married and a mother of 2. But with her Husband active in the Military, She’s Managed multiple Casinos in Las Vegas Nevada. But with MS and having to take DMTs that effect her immunity, hasn’t stopped her from helping others and seeing the change in ones home after each service provided by ABQ Sanitation.

Angelica Lynn Chavez-Romero

Director Of Operations for New Mexico:

Married and a Father of 2. Miguel enjoys family time and working. With over 14+ years in hazmat services for Albuquerque fire department, Miguel knows and understands the safety of entering a home. Miguel’s Passionate about helping others in any type of situation.

Miguel Solis

Lead Field Tech:

Kyle and his girlfriend Samantha are parents of 2, living life to the fullest. Kyle has been with ABQ Sanitation Since the beginning and is a go getter! Kyle will go beyond his reach for the satisfaction of those he helps and the homes he services.

Kyle Avery

FOUNDER & Service Tech Since 2016:

Married and a father of 3, Fernando has prided himself on servicing New Mexico With Above and Beyond service. With years of experience in this industry, you’ll be happy knowing your family, loved ones, home and vehicles are protected by ABQ Sanitation every 30 days.

Fernando Jaramillo

CFO & Co-Founder:

Married and a father of 2. Andy enjoys Family time and fishing. With 6+ years in the sanitation industry. Andy thrives off knowing that Satisfaction and appreciation was given at each completed project. Family safety and well-being is Andy’s priority.

Andy Luong


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The Most Trusted product in the Industry


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